Send us your movie

It is possible to receive guidance by Jossy Reynvoet by sending in videos.

How: Upload your video via YouTube and send it to us via a private link. Make sure that the quality is good. Try to keep your camera stable so that we get a good and clear image of you and your horse.

How will Jossy Reynvoet help you further: He will study the video and answer the questions you may have. You will receive feedback on your video via skype and the necessary instructions to make sure that you can continue with your horse. Also if you are not certain about your training you can let Jossy have a look at your video.

What are the costs: The price for a video from 0 to 10 minutes and a maximum of 30 minutes skype is â‚¬ 70,00.        

- You send us an email with the link to your movie
- You transfer the amount
- As soon as the amount is received we make an appointment to skype