Working student

According to us, everyone has the right to have an education within the structure of Jossy Reynvoet. Especially if you are curious to the harmonic way of awareness, horsemanship and the academic art of riding. Especially if you want to delve deeper into the "Bitless Art of Riding" structure.

As an intern/working student, you are welcome the whole year around. You will receive 3 private lessons by Jossy Reynvoet of 30 minutes each every week. When you have finished your tasks you are welcome on the tribune and you will have the opportunity to watch all the lessons and training. You have to bring your own horse. You are allowed to use our apartment with a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and shower. You will only have to cater for your own meal and for the supplements of your horse if you give them.

We accept a maximum of 2 interns / working students per period. The minimum period is 6 weeks. You are 7 days a week available from 8 am to 7h30pm. Being able to drive a tractor is a plus!

We are a recognized Aequor company with company number B20451.